Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Our Eyes

There is an interest in his eyes
Deep inside those brown pools of wonder
Inviting my attention
I smile

Deep inside those brown pools of wonder
I find comfort
I smile
My imagination runs wild

I find comfort
Lost without intuition
My imagination runs wild
Those eyes take me places

He gazes at me intently
Inviting my attention
He smiles
There is an interest in my eyes.


Queen of My Castle said...

Wow...I'm digging this one.


Drea said...

Awww shit this is really nice!!!

Don said...

MsP what are you waiting for?!

Nice poem. Very soft.

YAZMAR said...

first time here...very nice
i likes

Philly's Andrea said...

ok, I'll admit I like both you blogs. They are truly nice.

MsPuddin said...

Thanks for the love on this page. I know I don’t pay it as much attention as my other blog, but I am working on another short story…coming soon…


Muze said...

loves it! i keep forgetting you are a writer too. so many talented women on the web.

Don said...

The natives are restless...

Verbal Vixen (T Caldwell) said...

Very nice poem, I love how you captured the circular loop of the mutual attraction with the way you repeated phrases. This one made me smile.