Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fighting With Tyrell

Toni's eyes popped open and her ears rang as a loud echoing noise pounded in her head. She searched the room trying to recall where she was and what had just happened. The steam from the tub mixed with the orange liquid she had sucked down, had easily put her to sleep. Good thing she had propped her head up on a towel when she first sat down. The alcohol was really taking a toll on her as she began to realize the loud noise was coming from right outside of apartment 2B, her door. Oh shit, she thought leaping out of the tub, stumbling on a trail of clothes that lead to the bedroom. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her.

On her way to the front door she used the white walls of the hallway to guide her, knocking down a couple of picture frames in the process. Toni peeped through the tiny hole in the front door. Two big brown angry eyes stared back. Tyrell never looked so mad. His hands were clenched into two strong fists, and she watched as he paced back and forth like a fire breathing dragon.

Now what? She thought to herself. She hadn't gotten this far in her plans of revenge and the loud noise wasn't helping the alcohol in her system. It was now or never. Through the door Toni boldly belted, "What nigga!?"

"Bitch! You had better open up this door,” Tyrell replied without pause or any hesitation.

Bitch? I know that nigga did not just call me out of my name she thought to herself, helping to further her decision as to whether or not to open the door.

"Fuck you!" she hollered back turning on her heal towards the bedroom. She then heard the slight jingle of keys, and listened as the lock began to be tampered with. Just then it dawned on her that he knew where she hid the spare key, but it was too late to escape into the bedroom.Tyrell barreled heavily through the door nearly knocking her over, slamming the door behind him. He stomped towards her, his footsteps heavy with anticipation, backing her into a corner. His clenched fists were still at his sides.

It was way to late for words or adult conversation. Especially after drinking all that Gin and throwing his clothes out the window. Toni looked into his eyes and her memory flashed back to the last time he had been mad at her, which had been too often lately. These fights had become routine, but she was officially fed up.

In fact just the other night she had caught him on the phone in the other room whispering to some heffa. When she called him on it, he had blown up in her face asking her "why she was always ridin' him on some shit." His eyes had squinted up creating the same crease his face always scrunched into when he was angry. No sooner had the image of his heavy eyes burning holes into her escaped her head than one of his firmly clenched fists landed directly into her right eye.

"Now look what you made me do,” he said.

Toni reached up and covered her eye with the palm of her hand. She knew it was in the process of swelling, but at the same time she went numb and blacked out. Two seconds later Toni found herself naked on the floor. The fall had knocked her towel across the room. Tyrell stood over her and showed no mercy as he began to kick her in the back. Toni’s head spun, and pain started to creep through her body.

"I told you not to fuck with me bitch,” he yelled.

Tyrell grabbed her roughly by both wrists dragging her down the hallway over the pictures that had fallen, dirty clothes and shoes. The aggression Tyrell had as he tossed her on the bed was nothing she had ever experienced before from any man. He found the leftover liquor bottle on the nightstand and took a long hard swig. Only slightly conscious and still tipsy Toni was beginning to fear for her life. She tried to sit up but it was impossible.

“Tyrell,” she mumbled, “What are you going to do to me?”

He smiled and then spat on her carpet as he set the bottle back down. He looked a mess, unshaven his clothes wrinkled like they were a few weeks old in wearing. He strutted over to the radio, turning it to the local hip-hop station and began to nod his head to the beat. Turning it up he began to undress, first his shirt then his jeans fell to the floor in a heap. In her head Toni knew what was going to happen next, but Tyrell had left her pretty fucked up and she lay there helpless, a single tear rolled out of the corner of her eye into the rumpled white sheets. Tyrell smiled and danced over to her.

“Yeah that's right, I came over here to get some of this good pussy,” he said. “This pussy is mine bitch, don't you forget that shit. I can do whatever the fuck I want.”

As he entered Toni she breathed in deep, in pain, before she blacked out again…