Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'll Talk to You Later

I rolled off of Jerome, still sweaty and slightly out of breathe. I sat up and looked over at him lying on his back. He was so sexy with his long hair and toned body. His facial expression, however, was looking the exact way I was feeling about the relationship we didn't have.

I began to search through the clothes on the floor. Unable to find anything casual enough to throw on, I headed for the patio in the nude. On my way I grabbed a mixed CD and popped it into the stereo. The music was the only thing to fill the awkward after sex silence, which Jerome and I often shared.

Once outside I lit a cigarette, and thought, “hey at least the sex is good”. I smiled to myself and begin to chuckle as I replayed moments in my head from when we had first started having this affair.

“What’s so funny?” said a deep voice from behind me.

I turned around to find Jerome’s tall dark frame completely clothed in a white dress shirt, dark slacks and a tie that draped open around his neck.

“Nothing,” I replied.

He stood in the doorway leading to the patio staring past me, his eyes focused on the view of the city. I turned back around to face the other way, maybe to see what he was looking at, but I’m sure we saw things differently. Jerome grabbed my hands in his and pulled me close. It felt so good to be in his arms. He lifted me up gently so that we were eye level and I gave him a soft good-bye kiss.

"I'll talk to you later," he said.

He was smiling, but his eyes showed something else, someone distant. Jerome set my bare feet back down on the patio before disappearing back into my bedroom. The only thing I could hear in the background was the front door shut, and the music softly playing.

Jerome and I have been sexing each other up for a few months now, and so when he tells me, "he'll talk to me later", I know that means, the next time he wants to get laid.

“At least he isn't married”, I think to my self and sigh heavily into my cigarette. I let the smoke linger, expressing a feeling of relaxation after having mind blowing sex. I put my cigarette out. Later tonight I would be having dinner with Marcus and Thursday night I had plans with J.J.

My emotions for Jerome would at this moment have to be put on hold…