Friday, December 14, 2007

Mixed Drinks

It was the summer of Tatiana’s 21st birthday. She was caught up in a whirlwind of partying, drinking and making mistakes she wouldn’t allow herself to regret. She couldn’t risk not living her life to the fullest.

It was then on a Saturday night when she and some of her girls headed down to their favorite spot in hopes of having some fun. They were all so innocent, ordering Long Islands and vodka cranberries. Life was a party and they were invited.

Somehow towards the end of the night Tatiana was separated from her friends. She was drunk, and at first didn’t notice him leaning into the bar, peering over at her. He licked his big juicy lips and smiled over at her, like he was up to something. She didn’t catch on, because she was too busy slurping the last drop of vodka cranberry from its rocks glass.

Tatiana set the glass back on the bar trying to signal the bartender, when he scooted closer to her. He laid his eyes on her empty glass and asked her what she was drinking. She managed to communicate a jumbled, vodka cranberry. He placed a twenty-dollar bill on the bar and told the bartender to add a Hennessy to her vodka order. The bartender moved quickly and soon she was once again sipping red liquid through a straw.

She looked over at her mystery man, intrigued now by his smoothness. At 21, a man buying her a drink was like receiving a brand new Cadillac. She flashed him her, “I’m too cute smile,” and stuck out her hand, sloppily introducing herself. For a while, after that, he did all the talking. Asking her basic questions like, “how old was she,” “where was she from” and “if she had a man.”

The DJ made the conversation strenuous, but in between songs she was able to yell out her number for him to punch into his phone. After they finished their drinks, he lead her onto the dance floor so he could get better acquainted with her body. Standing next to him in her stilettos, she still didn’t reach his 6’2 frame.

After a few songs, he stooped down to give her a hug, while whispering, “it was nice meeting you,” in her ear, before walking away. She watched him until he became lost in a crowd of party people. For a moment, in the middle of the crowded dance floor Tatiana was alone. Her thoughts were blurry and her mind wandered. Unable to focus she stumbled in the opposite direction searching for her friends.

She found them all outside on the patio, gossiping about the night. But for the first time she wasn't interested. She told them she needed to go home, because she didn't feel right. She needed to lye down. The girls headed back into the club, but made it no further than the dance floor, when a couple of shots broke out. In unison a blood cry escaped the lips of every woman in the club and the crowd either ducked for cover or started to bail for the front entrance.

The club became a mayhem of people scattering everywhere, fighting for survival. Then through her drunken state, Tatiana spotted the victim. In the middle of the dance floor lay a man, no younger than her. His right cheek was blown away and there was a trickle of blood, like an arrow, leading to her feet.

Suddenly a firm hand grabbed her arm and yanked her in the direction of the front entrance. It was the man she met at the bar. He was covered in blood and pushed through the crowd with a great force dragging her along with him. She was too drunk and confused to fight him. She had no idea where her friends were at this point, they got separated with the rush of the crowd. The man lead her to the back of the parking lot and dis alarmed a truck, telling her to get in...

I know y'all gonna hate me but to be cont...